About Us

The Way Station

A place where people will come and go; they are to receive direction, (instruction from GOD) food (The Word of GOD), be washed (by the Holy Ghost) and rest.  Many will come and go; some will return to be replenished and will leave again.  St. James Christian Church will be the school of learning for the leaders of the church and those whom GOD will place as leaders of churches and those whom GOD will place as leaders of His people. 


  1. Develop and instruct the people, directing them in ways of GOD and how to hear from GOD
  2. Stir up the gift that is in them that will feed the soul, nourish the spirit man and strengthen the body 
  3. Receive power through the baptism of the Holy Spirit that will enable the people to do the work of the ministry 
  4. A place of love, where the love of GOD will embrace the weary, the weak and the sick so that they will find rest, comfort, and peace


The Way Station will continue to be a place of healing, where the anointing of GOD will flow from heart to heart and breast to breast.  That the presence of GOD will heal the broken hearted and the sick by the laying on of hands and ALL will recover.